My son, soon to be 6 years old, has been taking taekwondo lessons from a dojo in Springfield for the past year and a half. Within this short time frame, I saw him go from an unsure and gawky participant to a self-assured and confident member of his class.

I strongly believe that taekwondo should be featured in your child’s list of activities and here are the reasons why.

  •  It promotes fitness

Taekwondo is a physical exercise which kids enjoy. It exercises the entire body so  children gain all-round fitness. Form classes teach the techniques while also doing regular exercises such as push ups and crunches to condition the body. Weapons and sparring classes are more advanced, available to the intermediate level. They teach dexterity in combat.

  • It benefits both boys and girls

The training allows boys to let off steam under controlled circumstances, allowing them to learn about self-control and self-defense. For girls, it helps promote a healthy body image and empowers them to confront fears as they learn techniques and break boards.

  •  It increases focus and concentration

Taekwondo has been known to increase focus as the moves cannot be learned without proper attention. It improves the ability to receive instruction and follow complicated movements, even for those who have difficulty concentrating.

  • It emphasizes self-discipline and respect for others

Children learn how to follow specific instructions which helps them develop discipline. They also learn courtesy and respect for others as well as themselves.

  •  It teaches them the value of perseverance

Though it may be difficult to advance from one belt level to the next, children learn that it is possible to achieve goals. Even when faced with failure, they learn to pick themselves up and try again. And when they finally reach a goal, it does wonders for their sense of pride and accomplishment.

  •  It boosts self confidence and self-esteem

Children gradually gain the confidence to speak or perform a difficult move in front of the class. As they advance to senior levels, they develop confidence to teach the younger kids and also learn the value of patience and kindness.

The average time commitment for taekwondo is 3-4 times a week. Before you sign up, verify that the school is affiliated with the American Taekwondo Academy (ATA) to ensure that you are getting the best instructors and senior students.

My son cannot wait until the next tournament to show off his newly learned skills and dreams of becoming a black belt!

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