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1. Relax!

At Home Moms Guide: 1. Relax!

Sit Back! Take a deep breath. You have made a decision that has an effect on your life and your family’s happiness, surely for the better. So, whatever career altering choice you have made, whether you have decided to stay at home or start a career where you work from home, you have to reset and learn how to live this new phase of life.

Here are our tips on how to remain happy and positive in your new status.

2. Find a MOM Nook

At Home Moms Guide: 2. Find a MOM Nook

Now, we are not saying you need an entire room filled with red roses, pink hearts all around but a simple corner that is yours. It can be that comfy couch where you sit and feel you are in your zen space.

Demarcating your space is even important if you plan to work certain hours a day. Make sure, its quiet, has proper light and ideally a place where your direct view has some trees, plants or view of outside.

3.  Find MOM Time

At Home Moms Guide: 3. Find MOM Time

One of the most important thing that is hardest to do for a mom is to find the ME time. It is critical to be able to do that to feed your body and soul every day. Have some uninterrupted exclusive time to relax, enjoy or do whatever you feel like. It can only be 15 minutes each day

You will quickly discover that working or staying at home can make it really hard to separate your time from time spent with kids, time doing chores or taking care of kids and pets.

4. Join Groups

At Home Moms Guide: 4. Join Groups

Its easy to waste endless hours on the web if you are not careful but the internet offers a great way to connect, stay relevant and become a part of a larger community.

One easy way is to join some Momagama Groups or any other groups. It is a great way to connect with other moms from the local area, ask questions and respond to areas where you have something to offer. It’s a free resource so use it!

5. Fitness Routine

At Home Moms Guide: 5. Fitness Routine

Staying at home means more time to spend at home, which also means constant access to food! Remaining fit and healthy can become a challenge with all those creeping pounds adding up.

Make sure to join some fitness group such as yoga, kick boxing or start/join a local walking group.

6. Social Circle

At Home Moms Guide: 6. Social Circle

With a new routine and a new phase on life, it is important to have a set of friends that can respect your view and ideally are in the same phase in life.

Start by saying hello to neighbors. Stop by at their house or maybe just have a small chat outside.Little things add up and you may see a friendship blossom!