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Finding The Right Doctor And Hospital

Pregnancy Guide: Finding The Right Doctor And Hospital

You have just found out you are pregnant and your Ob-gyn is in New York, where you have worked all your life. Well, fret no more!

There are fantastic doctors and hospitals at your disposal in this local area. Overlook Hospital (Summit) and St. Barnabas are the nearest hospitals. Choose the new Ob-Gyn carefully if you have a preference of one hospital over the other. Summit Medical Group and Avalon Midwifery are popular in this area.

Baby Doulas

Pregnancy Guide: Baby Doulas

Once you have decided on a Ob-Gyn and the hospital, it is a good idea to figure out who will accompany you on the special day. Does DH faint at the sight of blood or he simply cannot see you in pain. Maybe, a doula is a great idea.

Doulas help you from the onset of labor pains through the entire delivery. Depending on your circumstances and support system, when daddy needs to take care of the older sibling and be away for a little while, doulas can be great calming forces.

Time To Read.

Pregnancy Guide: Time To Read.

Don’t consider yourself a literary buff? – Well, there are just a few books that can be ton of advice. Of course, there is the popular -\"What to expect when you are expecting\".

Some other great books are Baby Bargains (what and what not to buy) and Happiest Baby on the block (for the fourth trimester when the baby gets home).

We also like some websites such as, with calendar and comments from fellow going-to-be moms.
Buy Buy Baby, literally

Pregnancy Guide: Buy Buy Baby, literally

Well, if you like shopping, then you can heave a sigh of relief for there are tons of new shops that you will now frequent.

Check out the Momagama Children Stores pages and directory. Check the Baby store link to find some local stores that have baby clothes and other supplies.

Hospital Registration and Classes

Pregnancy Guide: Hospital Registration and Classes

Make sure to register in advance at the hospital where you plan to deliver. It reduces the amount of paperwork when you reach the hospital and are going through the labor pains.

Hospitals also offer a variety of classes these days. Do check if they can be covered by your insurance. Nonetheless, it is good idea to take one if this is your first baby. Some classes offer a walkthrough of the neo-natal area, where and what to do when labor starts and are a great help to new parents.

Pre Natal Massages and Yoga

Pregnancy Guide: Pre Natal Massages and Yoga

All the aches and pains in places that you did’nt know even existed! Sulk no more, for pre-natal massages are wonderful for mommies-to-be and most yoga studios and spas will oblige. Do tell them about your bump for they make special arrangements to provide you maximum comfort.

Yoga is great for preggers and can be practiced even till the third trimester. A great exercise and it helps in delivery, so sayeth some websites. Do check out Momagama directories for local Yoga studios!

Maternity Wear

Pregnancy Guide: Maternity Wear

An expanding waist line should not challenge you but make shopping more exciting. We suggest lots of black (black trousers and suit) because it goes with everything. Mimi’s maternity and Motherhood are in Livingston Mall and Short Hills Mall.

There are lovely sites that allow you to rent suits and wedding clothes if you don’t want to spend a fortune. Look at and

Momagama Baby Bump Group

Pregnancy Guide: Momagama Baby Bump Group

Make sure you join the Baby Bump group inorder to join a community of moms in a similar stage. This way you can make new friends with local moms, exchange ideas and share your journey. Enjoy!