I’m done with the heat and it’s only beginning of July. After endless humidity and rain, we were all fortunate to get a beautiful July 4th weekend.  However, by the end of it I was craving some cooler temperatures.

As my husband and I watched our almost 3-year-old son do back flips in our living room, we knew we had to get out of the house. We spent the weekend with friends and family, in pools, sprinklers and the beach and the idea of one more more trip to our pool left a lot to be desired. We decided to seek refuge at our local bookstore and had just as much as fun browsing the books as we did splashing in the water.

Here are some great ideas on how to beat the heat and turn ordinary experiences into great learning opportunities!

Visit your local library or bookstore – Pop a squat on the floor with your child and discover books your child has never read before or even some classics that are favorites in your home already. Without taking out your wallet, you can explore new literature or cozy up with a familiar character. You might discover a new type of book your child likes or another book in a series they already enjoy. In addition, it is always a wonderful lesson to show your children your love of reading. Browsing for yourself as well as for them is a way to promote positive reading habits.

Take a trip to the supermarket – Take your child food shopping and if you are not in need of any additional food for the house, spend time walking up and down the aisles. You can conduct a scavenger hunt with your child by asking them to find certain color foods, types of food or labels with specific letters or words. If your child is old enough, have them look at the description of what is in each aisle and then play a game where you ask them in what aisle they might find tomato sauce, cereal or sugar for example. In addition, incorporate math into this visit by asking your child to find items that either cost a certain amount or are more or less than an amount. To make this even more challenging, give them a number such as $10.00 and ask them to collect items that total this amount. You can do this with real shopping as well. For example, if you need syrup, encourage them to find you the least expensive bottle of syrup or the one that is closest to $3.00. Shopping will never be boring from that day on!

Visit a superstore – Not only are stores like Target and Walmart one-stop shops for adults, they are great for kids to explore as well. Where else can you buy bananas, a bicycle and diapers all in one location? Take a walk around your local superstore, noting the different categories of items and create a map of the store. Draw a detailed floor plan to help someone locate all of the areas of these huge spaces. Making specific notations of the amount of food, toy and clothing aisles as well as what types of items are found in each one. The next time you visit, use your child’s map to help guide you though the store or take a family member whose never been there. Your child can give them a list of items to search for and use the map to guide their hunt!

Stay cool and happy learning!  

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2 responses to Heat Up Your Child’s Learning While Cooling Down

  1. Great tips! My sons love to weigh fruit and vegetables on the scale. We do mental math to figure out the price/per pound. Fun for all!

  2. Thank you Betty! I love the mental math idea in the supermarket!

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