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    Oh those toddler years! There is so much to ask and so little time. Start asking right now…

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  • Group logo of Gab and Gossip
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    THE mom place to be! Chat, ask questions, share your thoughts and help other moms find answers..

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  • Group logo of Fitness Conscious Moms
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    Ever set a goal to lose weight or try out that cleansing diet? Well, ask away if you have questions and meet moms that are going through their own fitness and wellness plans.

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  • Group logo of Same Sex Parents
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    Need a place to connect with other same sex parents? Here it is..

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  • Group logo of The Baby Bump
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    Pregnancy is the most exciting time of your life! Find fellow friends who are going through the same stage, ask questions and share your experiences right here.

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  • Group logo of Enrichment and Education
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    Swimming, check. Piano lessons, check. What is Kumon? Well if you are at this stage in life, this group is for you.

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  • Group logo of Adoptive Parents
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    Do you have an adopted child or do you want to adopt? Talk away and connect with similar parents in this area.

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  • Group logo of Gifted and Talented Kids
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    Do you have an over achieving child? Figure out and share with other moms on ways to keep your child engaged, curious and challenged.

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  • Group logo of Baby Babbles
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    Does your world revolve around little Jack’s immunizations, milestones, baby products and it all? Keep in touch with fellow moms that can offer advice and suggestions when you need them the most.

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  • Group logo of SOMa Commuter Moms
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    Travel on NJ Transit and have stories to share! Ever thought you wanted to chat with that woman who takes the morning train with you. Well, here is a group for all you commuter moms.

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  • Group logo of Fashionista Moms
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    Can’t stop talking about the new bag or shoes you scored at Bloomingdale’s. Well, we don’t judge and love to hear it all.

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