Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope all of you are having a lovely day! Here is what four local women had to say about Valentine's Day - Elaine Durbach -  Marshal & I chose to get married in Brooklyn City Hall, and to have a proper wedding celebration a few months later in the spring. We chose Valentine's Day for one reason: so we'd never

When I ponder sustainability, it takes me back about 5 years ago when things fell apart for me.  I was stressed out, running around trying to “fix” my life, multi-tasking up the wazoo. I just couldn’t do it anymore.  In short, my life was unsustainable.   Luckily, I hit my limit and finally, in desperation, asked for help from my business coach.

By Erica Barton Valentine's Day is next week, and it's a day to not only let your significant other know how much you love them, but also a time to let your children, friends, extended family, etc. know that you are thinking of them. In my opinion, while flowers and candy are lovely, there is no better

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