As parents, we spend much of our time focused (some of us hyper focused) on our children. This acute attention is a natural inclination, given the unconditional love we feel for them and the fact that we are responsible for helping them become honest, caring, and productive people. Raising a child is no small task. There is so much we

I buy my grandma jelly doughnuts. I buy my grandma jelly doughnuts and she smiles. She sits across the table from my 2 year old son and she eats her jelly doughnut.  He eats his jelly doughnut.  It’s amazing how quiet it is in the room when there are jelly doughnuts to be eaten.

I watched the vomit fly from my son’s mouth and I thought to myself, “vomit smells like malt balls.”  That is too bad.  Because I like malt balls.  Not as an everyday snack or anything, but perhaps to enjoy at the movie theater or for turning a boring ol’ shake into a 1950’s treat.  And I couldn’t help but

I live in this place between complete chaos and extreme organization.  I have this house that at any given moment could be the picture of complete contentment and order or it’s the epitome of loud confusion and disorganized living. And, in no way, do I advocate living this way. I wouldn’t say I was ever truly organized.  I’m, admittedly, a messy person-

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