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July 4th celebrations will start at 7:30am with a 5K race and end with fireworks at Maplewood Memorial Park in the evening. Keep checking this Facebook page for latest details on the celebrations. There is a baking contest, bike parades, kids dashes, Zerbini circus, pet shows, fireworks and more, which promise a whole day of excitement.

South by South Orange is a new annual event launched to promote the amazing creative atmosphere of South Orange Village. This event starts Friday, June 26th and goes till Sunday 28th although majority of the events are scheduled on Saturday, June 27th. There will be live demonstrations, concerts, talks live blues, rock and jazz.


Humanity In 7 Pieces

Posted by Heather Kasdan on June 24, 2015 at 8:35 am
Humanity. Once born, we are all a piece of it. Unless, of course, you sign the opt-out form at the hospital. But really, do we understand what it means to be a part of humanity?

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